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Spiritual grounding is the use of techniques which can help to calm our nervous system, and it helps us connect to the here and now.  Grounding helps us to connect to our 5 senses when we feel things might be getting out our control.


When you begin to have a feeling disconnect from your spirit/self

When a trigger is present or will present itself

When you are experiencing intrusive thoughts or patterns

Practicing spiritual grounding daily can help prepare you for the day, to stay ahead of obstacles 

Outside Grounding Activities

Get outside in “Mother Nature” and place your bare feet in the grass for at least 5 mins a day.

If you live close to a beach place your bare feet in sand,  for sand is easily positively charged in the sun. 

Sun it the only thing that has positive energy

Beach Yoga and Reiki healing on the beach is a great way to be grounded

Positive energy prevents 90% of disease

Grounding Baths:

What you will need- Epsom Salts or Dead Sea Salts, Essential Oils and Candle(s)

Best Time: 4am-6am And Also evenings on the Full and New Moon cycles

Bless Your Bath Water- Pray over your water as its running, take time to meditate over it before getting in. 

Add Essential Oils- Frankincense and Lavender

              Herbs(optional)- Basil, Rose Buds, Lavender 

*Frankincense -attunes your crown chakra and clears your intuitive pathways and connects you to the divine. It also eliminates confusion and depression 

Purpose: To block negative energy and thoughts sent you way.  It will restore balance, increase love energy and healing peace and movement of light energy



Spiritual Grounding with Herbal Tea


*Crown Chakra

lavender, lotus root 


*3 Eye Chakra

mint, lemon, jasmine


*Throat Chakra

red clover, lemon balm, eucalyptus


*Heart Chakra

hawthorn berry, rose petals, jasmine


*Solar Plexus Chakra

rosemary, fennel, cinnamon


*Sacral Chakra

calendula, hibiscus


*Root Chakra

dandelion root, sage, ginger, elderflower


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