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Yoni Steams are great for the following :

*Womb Detoxication 


*Womb Wellness



SKU: 366615376135191
  • Yoni Steams Benefits

    • Balance Hormones

    • Reduction of menstrual discomforts

    • Regular menstrual cycles

    • Reduce heavy bleeding and reduce clotting

    • Correct absent menstruations

    • Strengthens tightens and tone vaginal walls

    • Prevent chronic yeast and vaginal infections

    • Healing vaginal tearing and scarring from C-sections and episiotomies

    • Treats hemorrhoids

    • Reduce vaginal dryness

    • Treats menopause 

    • Treats postpartum conditions

    • Boost low libido

    • Maintains health orders

    • Aligns and heal post birth

    • Release emotional pain, trauma and negative energy trapped in the sacral and root chakras

    • Detoxes entire body through the womb 

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